A Reflection on the Creative Process

This past semester I started a new master’s degree (having previously been in an MBA program) in Science, Technology, and Society. I’m excited about this new master’s degree because it will give me the freedom to pursue personal interests. I took a class this semester called The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Human Enhancement Technologies which focused on some extremely interesting stuff like genetic engineering, cognitive enhancement, and cyborg theory. I wrote a couple of papers for that class that were hugely challenging and for which I will seek publication in the coming months.

I also took an elective class not strictly related to my research interests called The Creative Process, which focused on the subject of creativity and the processes creatives use to bring their works into fruition. What follows is a reflection I wrote at the end of the class as part of my final projects for that class, detailing some of what I had learned in the class about the creative process in general and my own creative process in particular. It is not a polished piece, and the writing is sloppy, stiff, and unedited, but I nonetheless wanted to share it here on my blog.

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